Monday, June 6, 2011

Jobs That Matter

A visit that I will remember all my life, because everything was perfect: 7 in the morning departure, sunny day, a relative long trip - about 50 km down south to Mangalia, with lovely sights such as the summer resorts which I like more than the northern Mamaia :)

As Dexter (the cartoon character) once said: ''Aaaaah, what a perfect day for science'', I must say... what a great day for Heavy Industries :D

Keep in mind that the pictures are not making justice to the real things out there. Everything is huge, off-scale, immense, collosal, overwhelming...

Indoor workplaces are very well organized, everything is in place, and quite tidy for such activities :)

A shipbuilding dry dock. There are 3 docks, in each there is a vessel in a different building stage.

A ''bulge'' already packed with thrusters and the bow of a future ship

A nice toy here... capable of maneouvering really big things. It's bigger than it looks, try to focus on the driver's cabin

Nice parking here, eh ?

But the most impressive building is this one, by far. It has a height of a 8 storey flat. You can see this from Mangalia.. it's a monster!

And here's how the interior looks like. It's the newest jewel of DMHI. These pictures really mean something to me :)

DMHI stands for Daewoo Mangalia Heavy Industries. A South Korean - Romanian joint-venture in shipbuilding industry.

I've shot over 180 pictures during my visit here, and I've tried to synthesize the most relevant ones, thinking that there is no need for posting pictures with ships at anchor in the port, as almost everyone have seen one :) 

If not google them :D