Saturday, April 30, 2011

James Zabiela.. Doing Mad Stuff

Hello again,

In the past few days I was listening to some of my older music, from 2-3 years ago, untill the doors broke down :D and bumped into one of my favourites during college. Found the radio edit on YouTube, in such a great presentation and I quote ''Great tune mixed in with video of a Mirage fighter.'' What can I say, EPIC... Mirage Fighters are awesome, everychild's dream, and now grown-ups have bigger dreams, like Star Fighters.

In a clear blue sky and probably Arizona or Nevada desert in the background this guys are making gorgeous stunts in the upper atmoshpere. Such a coincidence that all the elements in this video are somewhat my biggest obssesions :)

Enjoy !

We're ''Humans After All'' so, as a bonus track, listen to this classy tune. The best part @ 6:28 !

Monday, April 25, 2011

Constanta in just 1 minute

A short presentation of some touristic hot-spots in Constanta. The city seen 'from above' (credits go to Elena Udrea) offers spectacular views that makes me day-dreaming about some highrises or, why not, skyscrapers :D Enjoy !

Friday, April 22, 2011

Next Top Model Romania - The End

The Game is over. Emma has won the title of Next Top Model Romania !
There is no room here for sexy bombshell-overaged feminists. 

I tought the same with a friend of mine, which claimed that Madalina has reached the final only to give satisfaction to a large part of the public. The blonde pitzi provided the gossips, fights, nudity and other controversions. Anyway, cheers for Emma and best of luck with your career ! :D

Monday, April 18, 2011

Beauty and the Beast


Next Top Model Romania's final: Emma Dumitrescu and Madalina Barbu

Emma Dumitrescu deserves to be Romania's Next Top Model and she will win this contest fairly. Nicknamed ''The Mouse'' because she's only 16, Emma has won the title of Miss Teenager Romania in 2010 and reached the finals of Miss Teenager Universe in the same year.

Always brings happines around with her beautifull smile and innocent jokes, she's definetly my favourite one in this contest :D

Now let's see the Dark Side of this competition.. The Beast of the little screen, Madalina Barbu.

Rumors says that this.. creature has tasted Catalin Botezatu's cock !
Well, it wouldn't be a surprise for the public regarding that she's a silliconed rubber woman with grandma looks (yeah, she's 25 !) and a pitzi Dorobanti/Bamboo attitude. I really can't explain how this beast got into the final except the presumed scenario with Botezatu :D

A very rude and gossipy character which fits better in Playboy Magazines. She's more like a sexy bomb, not a fashion model ! 

Look at these pictures and decide for yourself.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Apollo 18 (2012)

There's a reason we've never gone back to the Moon. 
Apollo 18.

Apollo 18 is one of the canceled lunar missions of the Apollo program.

Release date(s)January 6, 2012
CountryUnited States
Budget$5 million

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Moon. I've watched this movie 20 times, really.. and I ain't tired of it. The Master of Turntables, James Zabiela presents an entire 120 minutes mix of space kinda related music and adding some audio snapshots from the movie 'Moon'. This thing really blown my mind, because two of my biggest interests have met together.

Same thing, in 2010, J.Z. played with peoples minds in Ibiza when he made his opening with a conversation between Sam and GERTY.

Below I present you one of my favourite tracks from the Moon OST

Clint Mansell should have been an exclusivist soundtrack provider for movies such as Moon and Requiem for a Dream. But, the hillbilly monkeys from 'Romania got talent' have took this tune as generic for their stupid show. Sad.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

(New) National Geographic Series

Alien Earths HD on National Geographic

A documentary about terrestrial planets in the galaxy, how living conditions are possible somewhere else, how these worlds might look like and how we get there.

For a better experience watch it in HD. Enjoy

Part 2   Part 3    Part 4   Part 5

Another fantastic series by NatGeo:

Extreme Universe: Is Anyone Out There?

Part 2   Part 3    Part 4   Part 5

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Electric Car Revolution

New Audi A2 electric car sets long-distance record

"On Tuesday, a prototype of a new all-electric Audi A2 car completed an early morning 600 kilometer (372 miles) drive from Munich to Berlin on a single charge. 

"If any journalists want to charge up their iPhones, we still have some electricity left," quipped driver Mirko Hannemann, 27, just after completing the seven-hour journey.

Company representatives say that the four-seater has a recommended speed of 130 kilometers per hour, and has many of the same features of other cars, including power steering, airbags, air-conditioning and even heated seats.

Automobile manufacturers working on electric cars have been hampered in the past by their limited range compared to hybrid- or combustion-engine vehicles."

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Malls in Constanta II

We continue with the ongoing shopping mall projects in Constanta.

Let's begin with Maritimo Shopping Center which will be finished by the end of 2011.
With 50,000 mp, it will be untill 2012 the biggest mall in Constanta. It is located in the northern part of the city on the Aurel Vlaicu Boulevard. C&A, New Yorker, H&M, Decathlon, Inditex Group (Zara, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho, Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti, etc) have announced their presence along others.

Corall Mall

In 2012, this unit located at the Soveja and I.C. Bratianu Blvd. crossroads will be the biggest mall in Constanta with 150.000 mp ! I am really looking forward on this one.

WTCC is located in the city center between Gates 2 and 3. It will be an awesome complex with 3 towers including a Harborside Hotel, Institute of Contemporary Arts and a 8000 seats Concert Arena ! 
Date of completion: 2014

These are all projects under construction.

Now there are 3 more projects for shopping centers in the city.

The biggest chances of becoming a reality is Seaside Shopping Park located in the Southern Part of the City along Mangaliei Road. The roundabout for access it's under construction.

Plaza Centers also has announced the plans for opening a new unit in Constanta with the works starting next year. The land has been obtained.

Bogaris Marina Park Mall. it is an ambitious project including housing & retail. It is located near City Park Mall and the main attraction will be the 2x25 floors towers.

425 Tomis Plus Mall is located in the northern suburbia near between Ovidiu Town and Constanta's Palazu Mare quarter.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Shopping Malls in Constanta

First of all I would like to say thanks to all visitors of my blog :)

Second, it's not a 1 April fool's day joke.. these are real projects and some of them are under construction. 

Tomis Mall is a high end luxury Mall located in the city center of Constanta. It has been extended 2 times and it's waiting for a 12 floor office building approval.

It features an underground Parking and a 7 storey multi-purpose building.

Tom Center Constanta, is the largest shopping park in present. The works of the extension with a new KIKA Store, Decathlon and a new building for other retailers are due to begin this year, date of completion: 2012. Keep in mind that this is only the 1st phase of the project.. starting with 2014 there will be the second phase with other extentions... probably IKEA and others.

For easy acces there is an underground passageway being constructed. The works will be completed by the end of 2011.

City Park Mall of Constanta

This Mall is a ship-shaped building, with underground parking and Lake view terraces. It faces a real succes since it has some unique brands in the city.

There are plans for extension of this mall too.

One 4 storey building for retailers and underground parking, a 5 storey multi-purpose building and 2 x 24 floor towers for office and hotels :)

 This is how the plan looks:

These are the existing Malls. Soon I will show you the malls under construction and the ones in project stage.