Sunday, April 10, 2011


Moon. I've watched this movie 20 times, really.. and I ain't tired of it. The Master of Turntables, James Zabiela presents an entire 120 minutes mix of space kinda related music and adding some audio snapshots from the movie 'Moon'. This thing really blown my mind, because two of my biggest interests have met together.

Same thing, in 2010, J.Z. played with peoples minds in Ibiza when he made his opening with a conversation between Sam and GERTY.

Below I present you one of my favourite tracks from the Moon OST

Clint Mansell should have been an exclusivist soundtrack provider for movies such as Moon and Requiem for a Dream. But, the hillbilly monkeys from 'Romania got talent' have took this tune as generic for their stupid show. Sad.


  1. This track (the second one) is perfect. Have you seen it live with Kronos Quartet?
    I get goose bumps :D

  2. Well, I've seen it now. Thanks for the heads up, it's just mindblowing !