Friday, April 1, 2011

Shopping Malls in Constanta

First of all I would like to say thanks to all visitors of my blog :)

Second, it's not a 1 April fool's day joke.. these are real projects and some of them are under construction. 

Tomis Mall is a high end luxury Mall located in the city center of Constanta. It has been extended 2 times and it's waiting for a 12 floor office building approval.

It features an underground Parking and a 7 storey multi-purpose building.

Tom Center Constanta, is the largest shopping park in present. The works of the extension with a new KIKA Store, Decathlon and a new building for other retailers are due to begin this year, date of completion: 2012. Keep in mind that this is only the 1st phase of the project.. starting with 2014 there will be the second phase with other extentions... probably IKEA and others.

For easy acces there is an underground passageway being constructed. The works will be completed by the end of 2011.

City Park Mall of Constanta

This Mall is a ship-shaped building, with underground parking and Lake view terraces. It faces a real succes since it has some unique brands in the city.

There are plans for extension of this mall too.

One 4 storey building for retailers and underground parking, a 5 storey multi-purpose building and 2 x 24 floor towers for office and hotels :)

 This is how the plan looks:

These are the existing Malls. Soon I will show you the malls under construction and the ones in project stage.


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