Friday, April 22, 2011

Next Top Model Romania - The End

The Game is over. Emma has won the title of Next Top Model Romania !
There is no room here for sexy bombshell-overaged feminists. 

I tought the same with a friend of mine, which claimed that Madalina has reached the final only to give satisfaction to a large part of the public. The blonde pitzi provided the gossips, fights, nudity and other controversions. Anyway, cheers for Emma and best of luck with your career ! :D


  1. I'm happy for Emma!
    Probably they kept Madalina in this contest only for the audience.Without an antagonist the story is boring,even if the princess is beautiful.
    Sad that I have the same name as that annoying blonde.

  2. The name is ok if you take that annoying blonde out of context :D