Saturday, April 30, 2011

James Zabiela.. Doing Mad Stuff

Hello again,

In the past few days I was listening to some of my older music, from 2-3 years ago, untill the doors broke down :D and bumped into one of my favourites during college. Found the radio edit on YouTube, in such a great presentation and I quote ''Great tune mixed in with video of a Mirage fighter.'' What can I say, EPIC... Mirage Fighters are awesome, everychild's dream, and now grown-ups have bigger dreams, like Star Fighters.

In a clear blue sky and probably Arizona or Nevada desert in the background this guys are making gorgeous stunts in the upper atmoshpere. Such a coincidence that all the elements in this video are somewhat my biggest obssesions :)

Enjoy !

We're ''Humans After All'' so, as a bonus track, listen to this classy tune. The best part @ 6:28 !

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