Monday, April 18, 2011

Beauty and the Beast


Next Top Model Romania's final: Emma Dumitrescu and Madalina Barbu

Emma Dumitrescu deserves to be Romania's Next Top Model and she will win this contest fairly. Nicknamed ''The Mouse'' because she's only 16, Emma has won the title of Miss Teenager Romania in 2010 and reached the finals of Miss Teenager Universe in the same year.

Always brings happines around with her beautifull smile and innocent jokes, she's definetly my favourite one in this contest :D

Now let's see the Dark Side of this competition.. The Beast of the little screen, Madalina Barbu.

Rumors says that this.. creature has tasted Catalin Botezatu's cock !
Well, it wouldn't be a surprise for the public regarding that she's a silliconed rubber woman with grandma looks (yeah, she's 25 !) and a pitzi Dorobanti/Bamboo attitude. I really can't explain how this beast got into the final except the presumed scenario with Botezatu :D

A very rude and gossipy character which fits better in Playboy Magazines. She's more like a sexy bomb, not a fashion model ! 

Look at these pictures and decide for yourself.


  1. I agree with you.Emma is a lot more beautiful than that pitzi.I'm sure that she will be the winner.

  2. I'm glad we think alike :D

    Tune in for tonight's last show and we'll see who the winner is (Emma)

  3. Hahaha!Congratulations Emma!!!!So we were right ;)!I'm sure that Emma will be a top model,even without this contest:D.

  4. Sorry for the evil laughter :)).

  5. When Emma had a problem with the photographer, and all of the staff criticised about her behaviour, I tought all was lost, altough Emma is clearly superior to Madalina.

    I'm happy that the show turned out well :)

    Check out my new post :P