Thursday, May 12, 2011

American Idol

You tought the hillbillies and 'cocalari' exist only in Romania, right? Well you definetly didn't live the American dream ! Yeah, in the magnificent USA. It's good to hear all the douchebags, some of them even around here, talking about this country and how cool it is, and how the people are open-minded and shi!t :)) 
They are just foreign idiot fillers in that country full of retards :D
Let's say I also do like America.. but only the continent, the nature, the unique sights like the Meteor Crater and The Grand Canyon. Uh, and the skyscrapers in both New York and Miami.

I'm sick with the majority of stupid people, I'm tired of most american movies... like in the apocaliptyc ones, where the asteroid always hit Manhattan.. the justice is always beeing made in L.A. and so on :))
Not to mention their politics, 'the democracy' and huuuuge quantities of propaganda through the media. Whatever...

I present you some of the nation's giant idols:

You think 1 million $ are not enough? Check out this valuable guy.. stashing ~ 2 million dollars :))

People like these ones get along very well, in fact they are good friends with all that money linking them apart :D


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