Saturday, February 5, 2011

The New European Architecture

Hi. Not you. Hi :)) I'm watching the development of skyscrapers and supertalls in the EU and the rest of the European Continent. Let's say most of you don't know about these kind of developments and that's why I'm gonna show here a list of my favourite projects. It's hard to choose, because they're all superbly designed and trully pieces of engineering, but I'll try to give you an ideea about what's going on in these well developed countries. Please watch in High Definiton, where available, for a better experience.

So, let's begin with
Tours Hermitage | Paris, France, 2 x 323 m

The Shard | London, UK, 310 m

Bishopsgate Tower (The Pinnacle) | London, UK, 288 m

Leadenhall | London, UK,  225 m


Because I didn't find any presentation movies or animated rendering on YouTube the special notes go to:

International Business Center | Moscow, Russia - max 506 m

Dubai Towers | Istanbul, Turkey, 300 m, 240 m

Victoria Tower | Stockholm, Sweden, 117 m

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