Saturday, February 26, 2011

Problem ? No Solution :)

Stupid Blogger Templates


Yesterday I oughta' change the way my blog looks and tipically went searching for Blogger Templates. Aham, found some pretty ones, ok, and tought to upload them in the design tab. But wait, of course it's not that simple... Google had fu*ked up the system for a brief history of time :)) and got that paranoid error 'javascript:void(0)' not allowing me to change the themes.

After screaming and yelling on their support tech-forum alongside with other blogger crew-members all around the world, so yea, the problem was not locally it was fu*kin' globally :))

Well, this morning I woke up with no errors. Happily ever after I was going to upload my ubercool templates, the result ---> a totally mess ! These templates are awfull, you cannot modify the width, the layout, the colors, nothing :|

Of course, I am locked up with Google's default themes. Do you like it ? Haha, no. I don't.


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