Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Flag Counter Problems

Hi. Recently I was looking through my blog statistics and found a minor problem, that's been buggin' me. It is about the foreign visitors that not appear in the Flag Counter. I tought it was a lag... because those countries does appear in Google Statistics, like you can see in these screen-shots. In left, there are two countries that visited Extreme Stars this week: India and China. Of course these countries does not appear in the Flag Counter. Last month I've had visitors from: Norway, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Singapore and the same problem, their flag doesn't show in the counter.

Is there someone else facing the same situation? Is there anything that can be done? Because I don't want to switch to a new Flag Counter, for not 'losing' the visitors untill now. 



  1. Good point, thanks for the post.

  2. The problem might be the ones who are using proxyes and fake ip's :)