Saturday, March 5, 2011

Remington S2014 Hair Straightener - Repairing

Part 2

Hello again.. let's continue with the dissasembling of the Remington S2014 Hair Straightener..
It is a very compact unit, no screws here so keep the kludging to a minimum :)) Everything clicks, drags, twists and after thinking a bit I've finally succeded.

So.. these little fellows keeps the hair straightener apart. Remember to start from the power cord to the ceramic plates. 

This is a free rotation power cord. Interesting..

Having the device dissasembled, we're now looking for the broken item inside. Of course I am a technician in electrotechics , but not quite there so, my friend Pops has joined the crew.. Cheers man..

Aha ! This motherf@$%ing condenser is burned. The original one is a 1uf 400V condenser, and since it cannot be found around town.. we've managed to squeeze a 1uf 630V inside :D

Yeah, the big one versus the little one --> Who ar we ? The art masters of repairing :))

All the parts put together and we're done lads... The Remington S2014 is alive.. Up and Running !


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