Monday, March 14, 2011

My baby Saguaro in a Simpsons branded pot

Missed me ? :D

Hehe, I'm gonna show you some nice stuff bought recently :P

Here is an addition to my exotic plant collection. I don't know what type of cactus this is.. I hope it's a Saguaro, the most common and iconic type of cactus that can be seen in all western american movies. I like this one because it's not just a filler, it has something special.. a Simpsons hotchpotch with Homer on it. Sure, I would have prefered the character of Bart Simpson, but it's cool.


The two greenish flowers can be clearly seen in this image

Care of Your Cactus

Potted Plants
In most cases cactus will do well in pots as long as you remember three things. Food, light, water.

When you bring the plant home most of the time it is in a small pot and it probably has grown there for a long time, which means it has used up most of all the nutrients in the soil. So think about repotting and setting up feeding program. Most cactus like several small feeding, better than one large feeding. I like a time release type in the spring and this will feed the plant for six or more months. The other way is to give the plants food three time a year (spring, summer, fall)with a dilute solution of plant food like (5-10-5). This should do them well for the year.

A potted cactus will live and flower in the house if given enough light, place the plant near a bright lighted window, where it will receive light most of the day. On the patio is different place the cactus in a partly shaded area until it become accustom to the sun. Never bring the cactus home and place it in the bright sun, cactus sun burn just like people.

Cactus in pots require more care in watering than in the ground. In the growing period which can be spring & summer or fall & winter. Depending on where they come from, south america or north america, the plant should not be allowed to go completely dry, just moist. In the house watering could be as little as once a month depending on the dryness of the house. But outside as much as every two or three days. Take a wooden pencil or dow rod and place it down through the soil to the bottom of the pot, when removed, if damp soil is on it don't water. After a few try's you will learn when to water.

Potting mix for San Antonio area consist of:

1 part potting mix (not soil)
1 part washed sand 1 part course gravel or pumas

*Source: Care of your Cactus | Bonus... a Bart Simpson air freshner



  1. Take a wooden pencil or dow rod and place it down through it don't levitra water. After a few try's you will learn when to water.

  2. Thanks sama for the info! I will try it this week :)